I'm trying to pick up drawing again. I started with an eye practice and then thought of sketching something for a friend. I also read an interesting article that creating art actually lowers stress. I remember a news that some line on a canvas was sold for a staggering amount of USD 43.8 M. IT WAS JUST A LINE! That should encourage me to draw more.

Then I saw a vid from this guy, Dino Tomic, who apparently just casually wipes off his salt art, even if it took him a lot of time doing them. One art even took 3 months for him to finish! I would have major depression if I do that to something I work hard for.

But I guess that's my problem -- setting great store on something or someone, allowing myself to put too much importance on the temporary.

My heart has got a lot to learn.

Posted by CarizzCruzem on April 5, 2018 at 12:11 PM in My thoughts | fly with me

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