man, whew! i just turned 24 yesterday. wow! T-W-E-N-T-Y-F-O-U-R.

last two days ago, i was thinking that i would spend my birthday in the library. not a sad thought. it was actually a relaxing and a peaceful thought. for the past weeks, i haven't been able to read a book... i mean, read by my own volition. so spending a day in the library was my plan of celebrating my birthday. i'm a book eater (hehe). i'm drooling whenever i see a book.

but i started my day in school waiting for professors to show up and have them sign my clearance sheet.

then at about 4pm i went to mcdonald's and treat myself with float and fries. one of my favorite things to do when i'm stressed.

after eating, i still didn't feel like going home, so i went on a beach resort. there were too many people everywhere except on the playground area. instinctively, i went there. believe it or not, i'm a person who appreciates silence. i was wrong though. i thought there wasn't anyone there. haha. there were a few kids playing by the swing. they were hidden by the bushes that was why i didn't see them. but it was alright. i just sat on the lawn and watched them play.

being a kid... haaaay...

7pm, i headed for home.

i knew my parents would somehow do something special for my day. there wasn't a single march 21 in my life that had passed without being celebrated. so yes, upon reaching home, there were quite a few people in the house. it was... hmmm... alright. i'm thankful that my parents went out their way to prepare. but they were celebrating one other thing. about my school. they said that one of my professors called up and said something about my school performance. now, i'm not so sure with that one. coz no one in school has talked to me about anything, academic-wise. so yes, i still have to confirm it before i tell all about it here.

my brother told me that my prof asked me to call back. i was surprised. coz it was like 8pm already. school is supposed to be closed at 5pm. i felt weird dialing school number at 8 in the evening. but i was answered with, "AMA CLC Rosario, g'morning ah e, g'afternoon ah e g'night" that was m'gerley. i said "good evening maam". haha. she didn't even know anymore how to answer the phone at that time. i asked for s'joel, the professor who asked me to call back. he didn't tell me about anything that concerned my school performance. he just asked me to help him encode some things. i typed a little fast, so i get all these requests all the time. and then he told me that i should come and talk to him because i have a big part in the graduation mass. i asked if i was doing the sermon. i mean, it is the only big part in any mass, right? he laughed.

hmmm... i wasn't expecting my birthday to be celebrated. a simple greeting, just the thought that people remembered, would do. i mean really. i wouldn't be hurt if my parents didn't prepare anything for it. actually, i don't mind at all if people didn't greet me. it was alright. but of course, i expected a few people that are the closest to me to greet me. i'd be hurt if they didn't... family (my, dy and 3 siblings); one person i only know online but has been making a huge impact in my life, heck if i don't see him online, i panic; sean, a very close friend; and Jonathan Livingston Seagull, yes the Richard Bach bird... hehe. my birthday was complete when all these 8 individuals greeted me. they didn't forget. i'm grateful.

now, how do i feel that i'm 24? hmmm... honestly speaking, i don't feel anything has changed. it's just a number. i'm not ashamed that i am older. coz people in school tease me that i am older than 95% of school population. it's alright. i don't care. some people can't believe that i'm 24 already. maybe because i don't act like a "normal" girl errr lady errr woman (still confused). i don't put make up on or wear high-heeled shoes. i don't use face powder. hair is always down and is combed only after bathing. walk fast. laughter isn't controlled. t-shirt and jeans, my usual get up. i'm weird, they say. i like it to be that way though.

what a birthday...

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Comment posted on March 22nd, 2006 at 04:14 AM
belated hija :)
Comment posted on March 22nd, 2006 at 07:51 AM
hehe... may advanced na may belated pa. la na talaga ko mahihiling pa. hehe...